November 8, 2011

This past Saturday, November 5, the daycare hosted a day of cleaning in the neighborhood, promoting a cleaner world to the people here. The parents were obligated to come, or a representative from each family, to help clean up the streets. Groups were made to: clean up the vegetable garden, clean trash in the streets, use machetes in the ditches, clean the grounds of the daycare, hang signs promoting throwing trash in the trashcan, and one group in the kitchen preparing lunch for all the volunteers. Many people showed up, worked together and the daycare now is looking greater than ever. The trick that now lies ahead, is keeping people motivated to keep the streets clean. In a developing country such as Bolivia, the amount of uneducated people outnumber those educated, producing a world covered in trash and garbage. We are starting the process of making a better world for the people living in and around the neighborhoods surrounding the Guarderia Samuelito!

The photos show before and after!

Paz, La Guarderia Samuelito
Proverbios 22.6

October 28, 2011

Aminata-2 years old

Hello! My name is Aminata and I am currently in the room for the smallest children in the daycare. However, there is a small chance that I will be moving up to the next room. I live close to the daycare and come everyday with my sister, who is in the room for the middle aged children. My mom works in a kitchen, helping cook, and my oldest sister is in high school. My dad is not in my life at all, therefore, no one is home to watch over me. That is why I have to come to the daycare.

In the daycare, I love playing with my friends but I love dancing more than anything! I always look forward to the moments when my teachers play music, so I can dance. I also love being in the center of attention, as well as showing love to anyone around! I am always happy and love life.

Please pray for my life, that I will be able to grow up healthy and have a future. My family does not have much money and it is hard for my mother to look after me at times. Please pray for my mother, as well as my father wherever he is at. I really wish I could know him and have a father to play with.


Please take time to pray for this particular girl and her entire family as often as possible. The children of this family are particular caring of others, and love life. However, their life is not particularly good. Please pray for their mother that she would be able to find a way to better care for the children as well as for herself. Please pray for health and safety from day to day. Also, pray for her father as he is in and out of jail. That some day, he may realize what he is missing out on in the lives of his children!

Paz, La Guarderia Samuelito
Proverbios 22.6

October 17, 2011

Here is a video showing a bit of the children in the day care. They are the future of Bolivia and specifically of this neighborhood where most will spend their lives. The daycare is a big part of their lives right now, and will continue to be a part of their lives as they grow up and too have children. Without the daycare, the children are forced in the streets day after day, unsupervised, and in the path of crime. Being a daycare serviced by donations only, WE are put responsible in helping these children have a future. Please consider supporting a child either monetarily or in prayer. For information on supporting a child and helping pay their education for the next year, please email, for more information!

Paz, La Guarderia Samuelito
Proverbios 22.6

Thiago-4 years old

Hey! I'm Thiago. I am from Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and I go to the Guarderia Samuelito. I am currently in the highest classroom and have two more years left until I can go to school. I live with my mother, my stepfather, and my older brother. My mother works in a glass shop and my stepfather is a brick mason. It is hard for them to care for me through the day so I come here. I have been coming to the daycare since I was about 6 months old. My entire family has came to the daycare and gone the entire way through, all three rooms.

I really love the daycare and look forward to coming each day. It is a second home for me. I really like playing rough with my friends, but at time, I have trouble controlling it. I am generally good, but have a problem with retaliating when someone fights me. If I could control that, I would be perfect!

Please pray for health and safety each day for my family and I. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't come to the day care each day. Also pray for my conduct in the classroom each day, as I continue to work on controlling my temper!


Please pray for Thiago and his small family. Pray for health and strength to continue each day as the heat and summer is coming, as well as the season for sickness. It can be a hard season of rain, heat, mosquitos and sickness. Also pray for Thaigo's behavior during the day. As he is a great kid, at times he loses his temper, getting him into trouble.

Paz, La Guarderia Samuelito
Proverbios 22.6

October 14, 2011

Lizeth-2 years old

Hi! My name is Lizeth and I am two years old. I may be two, but I am going on 10! I live with my young family of 3 other siblings, and my two parents. My one brother is Dylan, who I come to the daycare with. Our parents have their glass cutting store close by on the highway, and it is too dangerous to stay with them when they are working. Therefore, I come to the Guarderia Samuelito!

I absolutely love the daycare and don't know what I would do without it. Everyday I come hanging out the window of my dad's car, yelling to my teachers and my friends. In the classroom I am very "curious." So much at times that it gets me in trouble with the teachers and other friends. I don't have a single fear, nor is there anyone I wont talk to. I absolutely love life and take it two steps at a time!

Please pray for my small family as they continue to provide for me and my siblings! Also pray for me as I continue to grow up, for good health and strength, as well as I can not be as "curious" in the classroom, that I could learn to behave more appropriate with my friends and teachers!


Please pray for Lizeth to be able to grow up with good health and be strong. This is an incredible little girl, she just has problems focusing. With proper care and a great education, Lizeth will be able to grow up with a horizon full of opportunities! Also, pray for her family and the problems her parents have at times, that they can continue to show care and love to the children day to day.

Paz, La Guarderia Samuelito
Proverbios 22.6

October 12, 2011

Only 10 minutes ago, Yuneth (the director of the daycare) received a phone call from the Government informing la Guarderia Samuelito that they once again, October 15 of this year, will continue supporting the daycare financially. After making an appearance on national television in Bolivia on a game show to earn money, support was pulled from the Government as they said that the Guarderia did not mention them as a financial supporter while on the air. This left the daycare in a financial crisis to finish off the current school year (through December). Meeting after meeting has been called with the Government and the daycare, trying to resolve the situation and regain support. Finally, after a month and a half of "penalty," the Government has once again decided to support the daycare, paying $370 every month for the next year. While this does not seem like all that much, it is an amazing gift for the daycare to have. Thanks be to God!! Thanks for the support through prayer and donations. Please remember the daycare in prayer as we continue to push forward, being a light for these children.

Paz, La Guarderia Samuelito
Proverbios 22.6

Nicolas-2 years old

Hey! My name is Nicolas and I am in the orange room at La Guarderia Samuelito. I am two years old and I live together with my mother and my older brother. My mom is a great mother for us and does anything she can to provide. As of now, she helps another woman cook, as well as a saleswoman. She sells all sorts of things from cleaning materials, to makeup and lipstick. She is a pretty busy lady, so I come to the day care so she doesn't have something else to worry about through the day.

I love coming to the daycare everyday, as I get to see my friends and play with all the cars they have. I also love playing soccer during recess time with the other kids at here.

I would like you to pray for my health, so I can continue to come to the daycare. But more importantly, I ask you to please pray for my father, that he would some day want to come back and care for me and help me grow up.


Nicolas is a great little guy and always a beacon of light during the harder days. He always has a smile on his face, barely ever causes problems, and is the only one in the daycare that says "Thank you!" after every meal we serve. A very well mannered child. Please pray for his father. In Bolivia, but especially in the daycare, it is very common not to have a father figure in the children's lives. What a blessing it would be for Nicolas to get that chance to have a male figure in his life!

Paz, La Guarderia Samuelito
Proverbios 22.6